Find Your Fortune

Versatile Veteran

When your friends need someone who can mix the perfect Old Fashioned but also be their used-car-shopping-wingman, they know who to call—you. You’re always up for new experiences and never say no to learning a new skill—from mixology to negotiating. You should feel the influence of your curiosity intensely, which will likely make you as flexible as a double-jointed gymnast. You’re comfortable taking on any new situation, and the way that you can quickly read a room and adjust your tactics is admirable. We know that it took time and dedication behind the scenes to master your many talents, but you make it look effortless and are an inspiration to others.

Expressive Expert

Every morning you wake up and throw open your curtains with a renewed sense of vitality. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, you consider what mischief and adventures you might get into today; you can expect your mind to be bursting with inspiration and exciting ideas. In a Helvetica world, you’re the one who grabs a paintbrush and does your own thing instead—a swash here, a curlicue there, and of course, we know you of all people would never forget the custom ligatures. Well done, you’re one of a kind.

Bespoke Boss

The words “off the rack getup” make you recoil—fine for other people, but not for you. You developed a sense of style at a young age and have fastidiously curated your closet over the years to be the perfect representation of your point of view. While other people have a drawer full of sloppy old sweats for doing weekend errands, you’re attracted to the idea of developing a carefully chosen nine-piece wardrobe for such tasks. What you wear can represent a positive transformation, so be open to insight and inspiration from all places. Your style has a powerful effect...and motivates us to take those pants to the tailor for hemming.

Outspoken Old Pro

You’re a person who’s developed a definitive point of view and you have no qualms about sharing it. There’s no proverbial beige in your life—you know what you like, how you like it, and when you like it—and you’re not too concerned about your ability to convince others of your views, because you’re just that self-assured. Your motto? Lead, follow or get out of the way. A chance to negotiate may present itself soon, and you’re in an excellent position to talk your way into (or out of) anything. Like a grandparent with no filter, we know we can always count on you to give it to us straight, and it’s much appreciated.

Accessible Adviser

You’re that person who is so friendly that you have no anxiety about what to do when stepping onto an elevator with another person—unlike most of the rest of us—and by the end of the elevator ride, there’s a good possibility that you and your elevator mate have become BFFs. Your friendly, welcoming influence will create harmony in all spheres, for both you and your peers. We have a deep admiration of your approachable nature—cheers to you, friend.

Committed Conquerer

You know that the platitude of nothing great ever being achieved without hard work exists because dangit, it’s true. You might be tempted to volunteer to be a leader (of projects, a scout troop, the pack) because you know you will dedicate yourself to it 100%...and perhaps also because you harbor just the tiniest smidge of fondness for being in control. With this intense energy you’ve cultivated, success can be yours on all levels. We applaud your fidelity and we pledge our allegiance to you when it comes to gittin-r-done.

Mindful Master

You are not content to just wing it, and you don’t feel one bit bad about it. You function best when you’ve performed your morning meditation session, downed your coffee and developed a daily to-do list that has bullet points three indent levels deep—all before 7 AM. Your friends and colleagues know they can depend on you as the reliable one who always remembers birthdays and even sends out legit, old-fashioned cards in the mail. Others may pooh-pooh the details in favor of the big picture, but attention to the nitty gritty now helps you reach your goals effortlessly in the future. We salute your talent for meticulous mindfulness.

Strategic Specialist

You like cold, hard facts, but you also know that nothing is black and white and you’re gifted with the ability to see both sides of every story. You may frequently feel a strong urge to play devil’s advocate just to keep your skills of persuasion on point. Your driving force is strong, and if debate teams were a thing in adult life, you’d totally be an MVP of one. And while your objective, analytical nature has proven your absolute trustworthiness to your friends, that doesn’t mean that any of them would elect to face-off against you in a game of Risk, or heck, even tic-tac-toe. Congratulations—you are a true strategic master.

Live your dreams.