Equipment Corporation of America

Leading the Industry

The Situation

For over 100 years, Equipment Corporation of America (ECA) has been the premier provider of advanced drilling, pile driving, hoisting and rigging, slurry cutting, soil mixing, and soil stabilization equipment to the deep foundation industry. ECA has experienced explosive growth over the last decade, nearly increasing its total annual revenue tenfold from $9M to $80M. The existing website has not changed during this time and has become a major hindrance within the marketing mix to the point of having a direct and negative impact on the sales cycle.

Our Approach

After collaborating with Untuck to realize a new brand identity more reflective of its core personality—and one that better differentiates it from its competition—ECA enlisted us to build the company a robust website, worthy of the expertise, service, and reach its customers have come to expect. The resulting site primarily serves as a sales and support tool, providing clear pathways for generating, collecting, and nurturing leads with both prospective and existing customers. It is built using a fully-responsive methodology—ensuring that it works seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes—provides intuitive content management capabilities for the internal ECA team, and can capture data through analytics and on-page forms.

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Eca Website User Flow

Driving Conversions

Funneling customers to complete key actions—like requesting information on a piece of equipment or contacting ECA’s service department—was central to our strategy and the primary measure of success with the redesign. We optimized the site to drive these conversions by designing a clear and persistent utility navigation scheme and high visibility calls-to-action doubling as buttons.

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A System to Grow

With growth comes change. We developed the website to easily scale as new needs surface by designing a system of pre-styled building blocks within a custom Craft CMS deployment. These blocks, combined with the ease of Craft, allow the ECA team to confidently create and customize pages that are guaranteed to stay on brand.

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