National Writing Project

Write. Learn. Lead.

The Situation

The National Writing Project (NWP) envisions a future where every person is an accomplished writer and engaged learner. Comprised of teachers, university faculty, researchers, journalists, librarians, and community educators, NWP strengthens and advances the writing and thinking of millions of students each year. However, with a changing landscape in education policy, NWP’s focus shifted from resource development and research to program and service delivery and online community building. Untuck was enlisted to articulate a visual language that could help NWP set its new course forward.

Our Approach

Working from a brand platform created by NWP’s in-house team, we created a comprehensive visual identity that reflects the organization’s personality. And through the use of vibrant color, typographic pairings, and emotive photography, the identity consistently shines across applications.

Nwp identity logos before after fullwidth
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Nwp identity logo carousel blue
Nwp identity logo carousel green
Nwp identity logo carousel white
Nwp identity custom type inline

A Custom Pairing

We designed a customized serif typeface with just the right amount of roundness to convey an academic approachability and pair flawlessly with the “W” mark in the logo. Taking inspiration from NWP’s founding location (Berkeley, CA) and leader (James Gray), we named the typeface Baygray as an homage to its roots.

Nwp identity custom type animation fullwidth
Nwp identity logo local site fullwidth

Infinite Possibility

The free-flowing, handwritten style of the “W” mark is wholly unique and full of personality. It flows naturally upward to serve as a symbol of possibilities. And it captures the essence and beauty of writing, whether as communication or expression.

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Value Above All

Extending the identity online, our team built a fully-responsive website to reach teachers, funders, and partners using engaging stories and key data points. And by featuring NWP’s impact throughout, the invitation to be a part of this vital organization is available to all.

Read more about NWP’s new website →

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