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An Urbanizing World

Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) informs urban decision-making and public policy on issues of sustainable urban growth at the University of Pennsylvania. The Institute's work is based on multi-disciplinary research, instruction, and outreach. The leadership at Penn IUR has been calling on Untuck for various print and digital solutions for years, so when its next annual report came up, we jumped at the opportunity to assist.

Knowledge is about making connections. Urbanization occurs when cities grow, so to do this well, cities need a solid foundation of planning and foresight. The concept we developed for the 2015–16 annual report—Knowledge for an Urbanizing World—expands upon this idea and shows the overlap of knowledge points with urbanization points. By incorporating aerial photography, the importance of looking at the larger picture of growing urban spaces is emphasized. Each section is marked with satellite photography of earth. The section number and introductory text act as windows to the big picture of the overview.

Penniur 2015 Ar Cover Spread Inline
Penniur 2015 Ar Interior Slide 1
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Highlighted excerpts from different texts that Penn IUR published throughout the academic year are featured throughout the report. Photography for each excerpt ties in with the subject matter discussed, whether it pertains to housing in Mumbai or the United States. The perfect-bound report serves as a capstone piece for the organization.

Penn Iur 2015 2016 Ar Spread 1 4Col
Penn Iur 2015 2016 Ar Spread 2 4Col

Untuck won an American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Philadelphia Design Award for this project.

—Satellite photo courtesy of NASA

Penniur 2015 Ar Interior Inline
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