Design is an action-oriented process—the process of creation. We use design to bring order to complex systems, to stand apart in crowded markets, and to inspire action amongst apathy.

Icn Identity Systems

Logo & Identity Systems

Distilling the essence of your brand into a unique visual language opens consistent lines of communication with your audience. We design flexible systems and asset libraries that suit your organization and shine across any application.

Icn Brand Guides

Brand Style Guides

Identities without standards breed confusion and dilution. We ensure that all future design expressions are aligned with your visual identity by clearly documenting foundational elements (logo, color palette, typography) with guidelines for their use.

Icn Print Packaging

Print Collateral & Packaging

From brochures and folders to boxes and labels, we're adept at bringing your stories to life through paper and ink. These tactile experiences create deep connections by being a welcome break from an increasingly digital-only world.

Icn Reports Publications

Reports & Publications

All long-form content formats that demand more permanence: annual reports; case statements; policy reports; magazines; journals; newsletters. We help organizations leverage these formats to share insights and cement leadership positions through thoughtful and engaging design.

Icn Environments

Environments & Experience

Interactivity and navigation are not just on-screen concepts—they’re equally relevant to guiding a user through carefully designed physical spaces. We have the practical knowledge to create rich in-person experiences at conferences or events that delight audiences and create lasting impressions.

Icn Illustration Patterns

Patterns, Icons & Illustration

When communicating complex concepts to your audience, we agree...a picture is worth a thousands words. Carefully chosen symbols, icons and illustrations can convey meaning more effectively than a description. We create ownable visual libraries that elevate your brand.

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