Meaningful results stem from thorough preparation, research, and collaboration. We develop sound strategies that become the heart of the work we produce—advancing missions and realizing visions.

Icn Workshops


Finding a common purpose; building consensus around a new initiative; defining a set of goals or requirements; developing a new process: these are just a few of the potential outcomes to one of our workshops and are central to each of our engagements.

Icn Research

Research & Assessment

Who are your competitors and what are they doing? Having a deep understanding of the threats that impact your well-being offers you a unique opportunity to stand apart from the crowd. We'll work tirelessly to identify and leverage these advantages.

Icn Brand Development

Brand Development

From strategy through creation, we bring clarity to your brand by developing actionable messaging platforms and expressive identity systems that differentiate you from the competition—communicating who you are and what you stand for.

Icn Naming


Your name is your front line, your identity in its most basic state. It has the capacity to convey meaning and shape perception. Does it reflect who you are and what you're about? It should.

Icn Content Strategy

Content Strategy & Planning

To reach the right people, you must deliver appropriate, meaningful content with consistency. We achieve this by aligning your content with organizational goals and user needs through visioning, planning, and governance.

Icn Messaging

Voice & Messaging

Your voice and messaging is a blueprint for verbally expressing your brand. It defines your position, mission, promise, and values—inspiring, persuading, and motivating people to become passionate followers.

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