Junior State of America

All Views Lead Here

The Situation

Junior State of America (JSA) prepares a diverse community of high school students to participate in our democracy. The organization offers hands-on, student-led civic programs designed to activate the talents of young people, instilling values of respect and understanding, and inspiring them to be a new generation of American leaders.

The COVID-19 pandemic painfully revealed to JSA that it could no longer operate as usual—in the moment and in the future. The organization experienced strong demand for building digital spaces, a significantly smaller team tasked with managing a similar set of duties, and a polarized political landscape that threatened the very understanding of civil discourse and civic duty.

Our Approach

JSA needed to quickly respond to the challenge and came to Untuck to help clarify its essence, clarify its uniqueness, modernize its identity, and find organizational alignment through a reimagined brand with technology at its core. The new JSA is driven by the same mission but is now better positioned to reach and give access to a broader audience than ever. Armed with new branding, its mantra "All Views Lead Here" now unites its revamped programming with dedicated online communities and experiences.

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