On Campus Marketing

Flying a New Flag

On Campus Marketing (OCM) is an e-commerce company that helps colleges and universities raise money for student-life activities through the sale of campus living, gifting, and graduation merchandise. Academic institutions provide OCM the opportunity to reach parents and incoming students through direct mail by leveraging the school’s brand identity and marketing channels. Parents are provided the opportunity to purchase university-approved merchandise while supporting fundraising efforts that enrich their child's college experience, and colleges benefit from OCM’s service because they receive a portion of sales to fund student activities.

Untuck was brought in to identify many internal and external factors that affect OCM's business and offer insights into developing a strong brand identity and creative strategy in a highly competitive market. We provided OCM with a solid naming system, a comprehensive brand identity (starting from the logo), and consistent graphics flexible enough for OCM's internal teams to customize for specific colleges and universities long-term.

Ocm Logo Colors
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