The Lighting Practice

Transforming Spaces with Light

The talented team of lighting design leaders at The Lighting Practice (TLP) transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary, captivating, and memorable places. They have created thoughtful and imaginative solutions for their impressive list of clients since 1989 and were looking to grow their staff and client base. Unfortunately, the existing TLP brand identity, website, and sales collateral did not reflect that same level of sophistication and creativity. It was crucial for them to adopt an identity that would scale with them as they evolved.

After immersing ourselves in the business of light, we created a new identity, website, and proposal system that serve as effective marketing and sales tools for TLP, while being an accurate representation of the company's culture and work. We allowed the website to better leverage modern technologies and ease the chore of generating and maintaining fresh content. In addition to being responsive on all devices, it forms deeper content relationships to engage its broad array of potential and recurring users.

With a new identity and robust site, TLP has found its voice and easily stands alongside its existing and growing set of clients and partners with confidence. The team feels a new sense of empowerment about the ability to have the best tools at its fingertips, with an image that allows them to shine in the best light.

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From Day to Night

We developed a day/night "wink" feature that would capture the quality of changing light throughout the day. When the time of day is detected on a user's computer, a corresponding style sheet is applied to the website in real-time, to create a day or night design.

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