Thistle Hills

Love Heals

The Situation

Thistle Hills offers women who have been trafficked and addicted, the support, love, and resources to transform their lives and become part of the fabric of their community. Inspired by the profound impact of Thistle Farms (sister organization) in Nashville, Tennessee, Thistle Hills saw a similar opportunity in Coatesville, PA—to serve the women who need help the most and deserve a second chance at life. During the first six months of residence, women are encouraged to rest, focus on recovery, set goals for personal, financial, and family health, and learn to live in community.

Our Approach

As the recipient of our 2020 Untuck In-Kind Grant, we wanted to be sure to provide Thistle Hills with the greatest long-term value. This resulted in a comprehensive and authentic identity system, a multi-purpose collateral suite, and a simple website that all communicate aspects of strength, renewal, and hope.

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Design that supports strategy.

Much of our inspiration was drawn from the thistle. Its color, textures, and shapes became the cornerstones of the visual identity. Purples, greens, and other earthy hues form the color palette. Watercolor textures capture the idea of change and healing through transitions in color and depth. The organic dots of the thistle blossom reflect the sense of a tight-knit community while wing-like watercolor thistle leaves connote a feeling of flight and the freedom and possibility it evokes.

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