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Fly at Temple

The Situation

Gen Z may be the most diverse, inclusive, and value-driven generation yet. They often trust brands and institutions that share similar ethics which impacts their college search. Early on, students are considering what schools are worth the time to visit and apply to and which degrees are worth the investment. The Early Action brochure for Temple University is the first mailed touchpoint outlining the application process with a heavy focus on key dates and benefits, and a direct call to apply. This piece explains why Temple is the right fit.

Our Approach

While working closely with Temple, we developed a comprehensive content strategy including a high-impact "FLY AT TEMPLE" moment in the center spread. Our student story granted us the opportunity to direct an on-campus photoshoot with one of Temple’s in-house photographers. Simultaneously, we wrote and designed a practical, informative piece with clear steps to follow, being sure to adhere to internal brand messaging and identity standards.

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Student highlight photography of Avery Campbell by Joe Labolito / Temple University

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